The first report of Chief Sasse since he became head of the fire department of Wilmington, Del., shows that daring the year 133 alarms were answered. The losses were $80,449.04; insurance, $613,700; excess of insurance over loss, $533,250.36; fire loss per capita, $1.07. There are nine fire companies with nearly 900 members. Of paid members there are twelve; fire houses, nine; fire alarm boxes, sixty, with five tower bells connected with the fire alarm system (Gamewell). Fire boxes were added to the system during the past year. Chief Basse would abolish the system of inspection of the apparatus and equipment at the engine houses by members of the city council and would substitute for it a series of semi-annual tests. His opinion is that, if the salary of the chief were so augmented as to admit of his devoting all his time to the department, as must sooner or latter be the case, considering the rapid growth of the city, it would be advantageous all round. The water facilities of Wilmington meet with the chief’s particular approbation, and he credits these with being greatly instrumental in keeping down the fire loss. Of the 726 fire hydrants in the city twentj’-six were added last year.

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