Windsor Occupies New Station

Windsor Occupies New Station

Night view of completed Station—Photos and diagrams provided through the courtesy of the Circul-Air Corp.

WINDSOR, ONTARIO, recently completed its new No. 4 Fire Station, a one-story three-bay structure. Built of brick and reinforced concrete, it is designed to provide three separate areas of operation.

The west wing houses administration; the center portion contains apparatus, maintenance and equipment storage facilities, while the east wing provides all living quarters for the onduty crew. Reference to the floor plan shows that training facilities have been provided in the west wing with a classroom accommodating 25 men as well as a training office, library and training aids storeroom.

The apparatus floor provides drivethrough for vehicles and is designed to accommodate five pieces of apparatus. Doors are overhead type with both electrical and mechanical control provided. Hose washing, drying and storage are provided for on one side.

The 43-by-20-foot dormitory provides bed space for 15 men with easy access to apparatus floor or other living areas. Separate lounge and dining areas are provided with full kitchen facilities adjoining the dining room.

Floor plan illustrates excellent use of space

Exterior facilities at present include parking space for 16 cars. It is contemplated that the rear area of this station will be developed into a training area with tower for the department.

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