Winnipeg Claims Youngest Fire Chief

Winnipeg Claims Youngest Fire Chief

Chief D. A. Boulden, Winnipeg, Man.

For large size cities, Winnipeg, Canada, believes that it has the youngest fire chief. D, A. Boulden. head of the fire department, is thirty-six years old and is in charge of a force consisting of three hundred men and officers.

He joined the Winnipeg Fire Department on May 1, 1912, and served as pipeman until he went overseas with the Canadian forces. He returned to his former position in 1919.

When Ex-Chief Buchanan retired on a pension, the city council invited applications for the vacated post. Boulden was chosen from the large number of applications received.

Chief Boulden has brought about a number of changes since taking office. He formed a fire prevention bureau, and last year, Winnipeg was second in Class A cities in the Dominion for Fire Prevention activities. Last summer at the Kingston convention, Boulden was elected Provincial Vice-President of the Dominion Association of Fire Chiefs.

A local newspaper spoke editorially of Chief Boulden as follows:

“The remarkable opportunity that has so suddenly come to him is also one that comes to few young men. He has a great chance to show what energy and initiative can do and it will be generally hoped that the faith has been shown in him will soon be changed to complete confidence.”

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