Winnipeg Rate Lowered

Winnipeg Rate Lowered

Insurance rates in Winnepeg, Canada, have lien lowered twenty per cent because of increased efficiency of the fire department. This cut brings Winnipeg in the same class as Toronto, which is considered to have one of the most favorable rates in Canada, The statement made public by the Western Canada Insurance Underwriters’ Association reads, in part:

Harry F. Oldack

“The underwriters, in considering: the improvement in conditions in Winnipeg:, feature such matters as improvement in the fire-fighting: methods, which has led to reduced losses from water damage and fewer buildings being subject to total destruction. Credit is given for the reorganization of the fire department, with a consequent improvement in the personnel and equipment. The equipment furnished brigade for fighting fires has been brought up to date been very materially improved both in the number efficiency.

“The increased pressure in the domestic mains or downtown section has obviated to a large extent the necessity for the use of the high-pressure system, and resultant water damage loss to stocks and perishable commodities.

Urbana Chief Celebrates Tenth Anniversary—Chief George Donovan has completed his tenth year as head of the fire department in Urbana, Ohio. The various civic organizations sent letters commending him upon his past record. Chief Donovan is a retired Cincinnati fireman, having served that city for twenty years.

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