Winnipeg Rushes Aid to Selkirk

Winnipeg Rushes Aid to Selkirk

Chief D. A. Boulden, head of the Winnipeg, Canada, fire department, responded with apparatus to aid the nearby community of Selkirk, which had a serious fire in its business section. For a time it was feared that the entire business area would become involved.

When the Winnipeg firemen arrived one end of the business street was a mass of flames. A 1,200 hose line stretch was made to pump water with a 20-foot lift. The Winnipeg units succeeded in saving a hotel and then wetted down nearby buildings to prevent the fire from spreading.

The fire originated in a pool parlor located in a frame building. It spread to an adjoining ice cream parlor. While Chief Boulden was making the twenty-five-mile run, the local volunteer department did good work, but the flames, fanned by a strong wind, were gradually gaining headway.

The Selkirk mayor and others expressed their gratitude at the good work by the Winnipeg firemen in preventing the business section from being wiped out.

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