Winston-Salem Training For Public Safety Officers

Winston-Salem Training For Public Safety Officers

The Winston-Salem, N. C., Career Development Center, which offers the first public safety officer training program of its kind in the United States, held its first graduation exercises July 14.

Twenty-six trainees were graduated from the center, which was formed in 1973 to combine the separate fire and police schools into a single training center.

In its first year of operation, the center developed a comprehensive 52-week program which provides recruits with concentrated training from the basics to advanced approaches in public safety. In addition, experienced officers may participate in individual subjects.

The center draws upon the staffs of three local colleges—Winston-Salem State University, Wake Forest University and Salem College, although most of the instructors come from police and fire service personnel. Fire and police training officers and supervisors conduct on-the-job training and evaluation.

Emergency medical training, which includes ambulance and emergencyroom experience, expanded the former first-aid training. Studies in behavioral sciences and human relations, which formerly were available to veteran officers only, were made a requirement for recruits.

Although the total program takes 52 weeks, subjects may be studied separately. The breakdown is as follows: basic law enforcement, eight weeks; on-the-job training in basic law enforcement, eight weeks; basic fire suppression, eight weeks; on-the-job fire suppression, eight weeks; advanced training in police, fire and emergency medical aid, eight weeks; public safety officer on-the-job training, six weeks; behavioral sciences and human relations, six weeks.

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