Winter Chief at Syracuse

Winter Chief at Syracuse

George C. Winter has been appointed as Chief of the Syracuse, N. Y., Fire Department to succeed Chief Philip N. Eckel who is retiring after forty-three years and nine months’ service.

Chief Winter was appointed to the Fire Department June 1, 1910. He was promoted to lieutenant May 22, 1918, to captain, August 8, 1921, to district chief December 1, 1936, and to second deupty chief, January 1, 1942.

Appointed to the position of Frst Deputy Chief was Frank M. Savage who joined the department on April 24, 1905. He was promoted to lieutenant on July 15, 1915, to Captain June 17, 1918, and to district chief on June 1, 1928.

Both Chiefs have received departmental awards for distinguished service on duty. Chief Winter received the Arthur Jenkins fire medal in 1925, an award memoralizing the interest of the founde.r of “The Syracuse Herald,” in the Syracuse Fire Department.

Chief Savage received the Francis Hendricks fire medal for 1928, an award set up under the will of the late Senator Hen dricks.

Chief Eckel, the retiring Chief, joined the department on May 11, 1877, after serving six years as a substitute. He gained the rank of district chilef on January 1, 1920, becoming Chief on October 23, 1941.

He comes from a line of fire fighters. His father, Chief Philip Eckel was the second Chief of the Syracuse Fire Department. The name was carried on by Chief Nicholas Eckel, first cousin of his fathe.r. It is still carried on by Captain Charles Eckel of Engine Company 8, cousin of the retiring Chief.

Retiring with Chief Eckel is First Deputy Chief Milton N. Harger who has had thirty-seven years and four months service in the department.

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