Wisconsin-Illinois Fire School

Wisconsin-Illinois Fire School

The Ninth Annual Fire School of the Southern Wisconsin-Northern Illinois Firemen’s Association was held in Galena, I11., Sunday, September 16, 1945. under the direction of the Galena Fire Department.

There were 600 firemen reported registered from seventy-six fire departments in the tri-state area. There are fortyfour departments in the association.

The school opened with registration at 10:30 A.M. Sunday. In the afternoon there was an address of welcome by Mayor I. L. Gember of Galena, with response by President J. T. Alexander of the association.

Events of the afternoon consisted of out-of-door demonstrations and evolutions of fire-fighting equipment by manufacturers’ representatives.

Dinner was held in the Community Building and at 7:30 P.M. John H. Craig. Illinois State Fire Marshal, delivered an address on “Fire Prevention Week in Illinoisin ’45.”

Following this, there was a Round Table discussion led by Chief Roy W. Alsip. Secretary of the Illinois Foremen’s Association, assisted by R. G. Kessler. Supt. of Fire Prevention. State of Wisconsin Industrial Commission: Richard E. Widman, former Chief of the Madison. Wis., Fire Department; Chief Elmer H. Fairbert, Beloit. Wis.; Chief Connel L Nicol, Sterling. I11., and Chief A1 Luedeke, Freeport, I11.

“If I were a fireman” was the subject of an address by Professor L. H. Provine. Director Illinois Fire College. University of Illinois, after which Edw “Dusty” Rhodes conducted a demonstra tion of sirens, warning signals and lighting equipment. A Dutch Lunch and Entertainment closed the program.

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