Wishes for a Better Acquaintance

Wishes for a Better Acquaintance

The following is the translation of a communication received by FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING written in Spanish in appropriate “firemen’s red” ink, which, it is presumed, is from the chief of the fire department of Gibara, Cuba, although the writer does not give his official title.

We certainly shall take great pleasure in giving Chief Morales a better opportunity to become acquainted with FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. Gibara is a town in Cuba of some 2,500 inhabitants.

Honorable Sirs:

After saluting you, the present has for its object to entreat you to send me a copy of the important publication that you issue since I would be very much interested in knowing it. Trusting that my small, though important, request will merit your attention, I remain,

Cuba No. 38, Gibara, Cuba.

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