Woman Awarded $15,000 For Nail Polish Blast Injuries

Woman Awarded $15,000 For Nail Polish Blast Injuries

Mrs. Marie DeRosa, 32, of Elmsford, N. Y., who lost her right eye after a bottle of nail polish exploded when heated, received a reported $15,000 settlement on March 12 in her State Supreme Court suit.

Mrs. DeRosa sued Northam Warren Corp. of New York City, makers of the nail polish Cutex, and F. W. Woolworth, from whose store in White Plains, N. Y., she purchased the bottle involved in the case.

According to reports, Mrs. DeRosa found the one-third-full contents of her bottle gummy and she heated it in an attempt to liquefy the remaining polish. The container exploded causing the injuries.

The suit charged that the polish, reportedly containing nitrocellulose, was inherently dangerous and there was at the time of the incident, no label warning against heating.

The Cutex bottle now contains the warning “Keep away from heat.”

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