Worcester’s Pressing Needs.

Worcester’s Pressing Needs.


A committee of the Worcester (Mass.) Board of Underwriters is preparing a plan which it will submit to the city government in the interest of better fire protection. More apparatus and permanent men is the principal idea to be contained in the report. What the board will ask for will require a large expenditure of money, which it claims will be a saving to propertyowners. Recent big fires throughout New England has causecf a general shake up among the insurance men, and the serious fires in Worcester during January and February have called forth a demand for more apparatus.

No definiie plan has as yet been formulated by the committee of the board, but it has a general idea of what it desires, based on recent discussions at board meeting. It will ask for three or four additional steamers, based on the new insurance schedu’e, which requires a fire engine for every 10,000 inhabitants up to 500.000. The o her requirements of the schedule are nearly met by Worcester. The ability of the local department to fight fires is unquesti* ncd, hut the fault found is that the department is not large enough in the event of a big conflagration in the thickly settled business portion of the city. The idea of the board is to decrc se the number of isolated hose carriages, and unite the companies with the new steamer companies, each steamer having its hose carriage.

The . present engine companies are not large enough, the board claims. There should be three more permanent men to each company, which would require more than twenty-five new men. There is other apparatus which the company may recommend, including a water tower, another Hayes truck, and one or two chemical engines. But more permanent men and more engines is what it desires the most. Another recommendation the board will make to the city government is an ordinance requiring that a permanent fireman be on duty on the stage of the local theatres at each performance.

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