Work Begun on Bismarck’s New Filters

Work Begun on Bismarck’s New Filters

Work is progressing on the new water system of Bismarck, N. Dak. It is expected that it will be well advanced before the city finally takes over the plant of the Bismarck Water Supply Company.

Pouring of concrete on the walls of the sedimentation basin of the city water works filtration plant began on August 8, but work of laying the new big 16-inch main to the city is suspended because of lack of material.

Excavation for the filtration plant is all virtually complete and work on the building will go ahead rapidly, with the pouring of concrete. It is hoped to have the building enclosed by cold weather so that installation of machinery can proceed.

The deep trench in which the new 16-inch main is to be laid is now complete from near the river to part way across the Country Club grounds, and a trenching machine will push the construction to the heart of the city, according to T. R. Atkinson, city engineer.

The city engineer also reported that as compensation for right-of-way across his land J. J. Jackman had suggested that the city lay a new three-fourths inch pipe to his house. The cost was estimated at probably $300. The city engineer thought this proposition was reasonable.

Whether the reservoirs of the Bismarck Water Supply Company will be cleaned before the city takes over the plant is in question. A representative of the company appeared before the commission recently and said that inasmuch as the city will take over the plant soon it had been suggested by the company attorney that the company and city divide the expense of cleaning the reservoirs. He said that while it was customary to clean the reservoirs after the June rise the water had remained so high and turbid that it would have been useless to do so, and only within the last few days has the water gone down enough to make it feasible to clean them.

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