World’s Tallest Ladder

World’s Tallest Ladder

What is claimed to be the tallest turntable ladder in the world is produced by Carl Metz Corp., Karlsruhe, Baden, Germany. The model shown is said to be extended to a height of 172 feet.

The manufacturer states that all movements of the ladder are hydraulically controlled with operating power supplied from the chassis engine by a direct power takeoff through a special turntable ladder mechanism. It is claimed that within approximately 60 seconds this ladder can be elevated up to 78 degrees and extended to its full height. It is said that a fireman can take a position on a platform attached to the top ladder section before the ladder is extended and then move with the ladder to the required height.

It is fully automatic and equipped with mechanical safety devices to avoid overcharging and capsizing as well as damage occurred by hitting against objects during the ladder movements.

In addition, the apparatus is equipped with a Metz fire pump rated at approximately 750 gpm and a special “elevator cabin.” The latter is provided for rescue purposes and travels up and down, underneath the ladder sections operating as an independent unit. Its location prevents any interference with the normal ladder use either in rescue or fire fighting.

Communications are provided between the tip of the fly and the turntable by means of built-in telephone equipment.

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