World Scout Jamboree Sets Fire Protection

World Scout Jamboree Sets Fire Protection

At the request of Lt. Col. Simmons, Administrative Director of the 700-acre Scout Campsite at historic Niagara-onthe-Lake, the St. Catharines Fire Department provided fire protection at the recent Eighth World Scout Jamboree.

Obtaining permission from the Ontario Fire Marshal’s Office, St. Catharine’s Chief L. A. Burch assigned to the Campsite a 500-imperial gallon Civil Defence pumper with a three hundred gallon booster supply. A schedule was made so that an experienced operator was on continuous duty from 8 a.m. August 15th to 8 a.m. September 1. Nineteen alarms were answered during this period—all of a minor nature. Personnel and pumper were conveniently housed in a marquee equipped with electric power and telephone service.

During this unique tour of duty firemen broke the language barrier to become acquainted with many of the 11,900 Bov Scouts from 68 countries.

Captain Bill Bannan and Pump Operator Bob Hastings of the St. Catharines, Ont., Fire Department, are shown In front of the marquee which housed them and their pumper during the recent Boy Scout Jamboree. The scouts shown with them are from France, Central Equatorial Africa, Holland, the United States and Canada.

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