Wrecks Apparatus to Save Children

Wrecks Apparatus to Save Children

The engineer of an Ahrens-Fox pumper in Peabody, Mass., in order to save the lives of small children who ran in the path of the fire apparatus while it was on its way to a fire made a sharp turn and crashed into a large tree, thereby wrecking the pumper. The engineer was later treated by a physician for injuries.

Chief William C. Mahoney was loud in his praise of the operator, and the people who witnessed the incident cheered enthusiastically. The pumper was only purchased a few days ago.

Bloomington, I11., Water Works on Paying Basis—It was brought out at the meeting of the city council of Bloomington, I11., that the water works is on a paying basis, the first time in many months.

Main Bursts in Boston, Mass.—When workmen tried to thaw out the ground about a 12-inch main which was being laid in Boston, Mass., they built a fire around it. The application of heat developed a break in the main which brought a repair crew from the water department.

Geneva, N. Y., to Set Aside Water Profits—A fund of $30,000 which represented the profits of the water system at Geneva, N. Y., for the past year, will be used to meet a payment due on the bonds issued by the former village. The bonds were used to purchase the water system.

Lansing, Mich., Investigating Drop in Water Level—A drop of nine inches in the level of the lake at Lansing, Mich., has caused the administrative board to order an investigation by the state engineers. The present water works which supplies both the town and island, is owned and operated by a private concern. Under a plan submitted to the board, the plant would be taken over and modernized by the state which owns most of the land on Maokinac Island.

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