Wyckoff (NJ) Firefighters Battle Van Fire

Firefighters train a hosestream on a burning vehicle


The Wyckoff (NJ) FIre Department was dispatched on Sunday morning, November 5, 2017, for a vehicle on fire. Units arrived to fine a contractor’s van on fire with another new automobile as an exposure problem.

Companies established a positive water source, because of the volume of fire showing and not knowing the type of hazardous materials that could be possible stored in the van. Two handlines were stretched, one attacking the fire and the other washing down the exposed auto and attacking the fire on that side of the van. A power saw was used to cut the lock on the rear door to gain entry for water application and wash down of the van’s interior. 

Remember, units may have difficulty putting water into vans with no windows and must use caution while operating on contractor vehicles with no markings identifying the type of business it may be.


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