Wyoming State Firemen Organize

Wyoming State Firemen Organize

Now, in addition to the other state associations, there is the Wyoming State Firemen’s Association. This was organized at a meeting held in Cheyenne, Wyo., on Monday, February 14, and the next meeting of the association will be held in Casper either in July or August.

The introduction of better building codes and the removal of fire departments from the realm of politics so that a higher calibre of men will find it worth while to join the fire service, are two of the aims of the newly organized body.

The Necleus for a Strong State Firemen's Organization Representatives front departments in Wyoming and Colorado watching Hal Elias of the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer delivering a print of The Fire Brigade to Chief Ed. P. Taylor of Cheyenne. The picture was shown at an afternoon session of the gathering.

There were forty-three delegates present from Wyoming, ten from Denver, four from Fort Collins, and others. Governor Frank C. Emerson made a brief address of welcome at the opening session. Other speakers were Chief Ed. P. Taylor of Cheyenne, who is active in the formation of the association, E. T. Turnbull, a delegate from the Colorado State Firemen’s Association, and L. A. Barley of the Mountain States Fire Underwriters.

In the afternoon, the delegates had an opportunity to see the “Fire Brigade,” the popular motion picture showing the activities of a fireman, at a private showing in a local theatre.

Percy S. Hoyt, first paid fire chief of Cheyenne was elected president. The state was divided up into four sections with a vice-president for each section. They are Ed. P. Taylor, of Cheyenne, first vice-president; W. R. Leib, Casper, second vicepresident; F. V. Tossie, Sheridan, third vice-president; V. A. Davis, Evanston, fourth vice-president; Justin Patrick, Casper, secretary; V. L. Jordan, Wheatland, treasurer; and G. D. Anderson of Torrington, historian.

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