Yakima Has Three Plans for Improvements

Yakima Has Three Plans for Improvements

Three separate plans for increasing the water supply of Yakima, Wash., are being considered by the city commission and general citizens’ water supply committee of that city. These plans were worked out by City Engineer C. F. Wilson and each take into consideration the utilization of the distributive system of the Pacific Power and Light Company.

No. 1 contemplates a pipe line into the Naches. where there is a source of supply in the gravel beds. Filtration galleries will be constructed and the water piped to Yakima, where a reservoir is to be constructed. The reservoir is a component part of each of the three systems outlined. This catchment basin will not only furnish the city with uniform and adequate pressure for fire protection but will act as a settling basin and furnish the city with a clear water supply.

Proposition No. 2 provides for a pipe line from a source of supply not definitely located, but a part of the plan is a pumping unit with a lift of 80 feet to carry the water under gravity to the city reservoir.

The third proposition is a pumping plant, where there will be a lift of 240 feet to force the water into the reservoir.

Dimensions of the reservoir were not given but in the discussion it was disclosed that it would hold 48 hours* supply for the city and the Jacobs’ report showed that the city is using 2,250,000 gallons daily.

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