You can’t hide away from this fact:

You can’t hide away from this fact:

IT isn’t mere size that counts. The other day we read about a rooster who was strolling about the barnyard when he stumbled onto an ostrich egg. He looked it over, then with difficulty rolled it into the henhouse, where the hens were, and said:

“Now, ladies, I don’t want to embarrass you, but I just want to show you what other folks are doing.”

Really Practical

Well, personally, we don’t give a hang what other folks are doing. Like the hens, we feel that our product is just about the right size. We feel that FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING is really serving the interests of the fire protection and water supply fields in a way that no other publication, whether larger or smaller, can equal.

We try to be, and actually are, close to the field—a really practical paper. We want your co-operation to make it still more so. Will you write us your wants, your suggestions?

How’s This for a Kick?

The way many of our readers feel is indicated by the following letter just received from W. W. Stephen, chief of the Southern Manganese Corp. department, at Anniston, Ala.:

“As a friend of long standing, I feel privileged to make a kick about your magazine. A whole week is too darned long to have to wait for it to come out. In every other respect it is valuable and enjoyable, and I could not do without it.”

How about you? We shall be glad to hear from you.

Thank you.

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