Yuma to Entertain Arizona Firemen

Yuma to Entertain Arizona Firemen

The sixth annual convention of the Arizona State Firemen’s Association is to be held at Yuma, Ariz., on April 11 to 13. Both as to the business program and the entertainment the convention promises to be a most interesting and enjoyable one. The program is as follows:

Wednesday, April 10

Registration at City Hall, Assignment of Hotel Accommodations, Motorcade Sight Seeing Trip Through the Valley.

7:00 p. m.—Stag Smoker at Fire Department Headquarters. Lady visitor entertainment at the Business Woman’s Club.

Thursday, April 11

9:30 a. m.—Invocation by the Rev. Roger Brown. Address of Welcome by Mayor A. L. DeMund. Response by Chief Jos. A. Roberts of Tucson.

2:00 p. m.—Business Session.

4:00 p. m.—Motorcade to Somerton and Gadsden, Refreshments at San Luis, California, Mexico.

7:30 p. m.—Banquet and Dance at Legion Hall for visitors and their ladies.

Friday, April 12

8:30 a.m.—Visit to Exhibition Quarters.

9:30 a.m.—Music by Indian Band in charge of Medicine Man Chief, “Strong Horse” Knotts.

10:00 a. m.—Business Session.

Topic Discussion: 1. History of Fire Departments, by Jos. A. Roberts, of Tucson. 2. First Aid, by J. D. Sullivan, of PhoenixFire Insurance Service, by Robt. Connell, of Prescott. 4. Do We Owe Fire Protection Outside of Corporate or City Limits? by J. J. Murphy, of Warren. 5. Cooperation Between Police and Fire Departments, by B. W. Norton, of Bisbee. 6. Fire Alarm Systems, by W. B. Harmon, of Mesa.

12:00 m.—Official Photograph.

1:30 p. m.—Business Session.

5:00 p. m.—Exhibits and Demonstrations.

7:00 p. m.— Banquet and Dance at the Elks’ Home for visitors and their ladies.

Saturday, April 13

8:30 a. m.—Visit to Exhibition Quarters.

9:30 a. m.—Business Session, Election of Officers, and selecting City for holding 1930 Convention.

12:00 m.—Buffet Lunch at Department Headquarters.

1:30 p. m.—Motorcade to Old Mexico, where an “Old Style Clan* Bake” will be served.


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