Ziegler Charged With Attempted Assault

Ziegler Charged With Attempted Assault

William Ziegler, recently deposed as head of the Hackensack. N. J., Fire Department, was charged with attempted murder by Frank P. Walsh, who now virtually holds the post of Chief. Ziegler is held in $1,500 bail and is to appear for a hearing soon.

Chief Ziegler denied the charges. He said that he called on Walsh, who lives about one-half mile away, to talk to him about his pension and to get a work bench he left at fire headquarters. Mrs. Ziegler was with him. When the couple walked into the house. Walsh ran out of the room. Amazed at this action, Mr. and Mrs. Ziegler returned to their home, and shortly afterwards police came to arrest the former Chief. Walsh had said that Ziegler carried a revolver.

Mr. Ziegler was dismissed from the department after nineteen years’ service. He had but one more year to serve to be eligible for retirement with a pension.

Mayor R. A. Altschuler, in expressing his attitude on the pension question, stated:

“Pensions were never intended for members because they had served twenty years in the department and had reached the age of fifty, but for those who were disabled while in service in the discharge of their duties, and for those too old for active service.” Ziegler is fifty-eight years old.

The penalty for assault with attempt to kill is a fine not to exceed $3,000 or imprisonment at hard labor for not more than twelve years.

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