Black Box for First Responder Vehicles to Support Driver Safety

ZOLL’s RescueNet Road Safety solution is proactively enhancing driver safety. The black box technology will immediately reduce vehicle crashes and substantially reduce maintenance costs associated with your fleet.

As demonstrated in the recent ZOLL-sponsored Webcast, “What We Can Learn from Recent Wrecks,” a single crash can cause injuries or death, take an essential vehicle off the road for extended periods, increase insurance rates, cost thousands in repairs, damage your organization’s reputation, and have other unwanted consequences. RescueNet Road Safety reduces crash risk by reducing unsafe driving, giving drivers the chance to correct risky driving BEFORE it leads to a crash.

The RescueNet Road Safety System monitors and records unsafe vehicle operating parameters such as speeding and high vehicle g-forces caused by rapid accelerations, hard decelerations and high speed turns. The system provides an audible warning as the driver approaches an unsafe condition, allowing sufficient time to take corrective action before a crash occurs. If a driver ignores system warnings, an exception report is created so management may take corrective action. The system also creates database reports ranking driver performance.

Immediate benefits include:

  • Prevent crashes
  • Protect your crew
  • Protect your passengers
  • Minimize risk and liability
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Reduce insurance premiums
  • Control driver behavior

The Road Safety “black box” is easy to install and can be configured with a wireless RF data transceiver for automatic downloading. RescueNet Road Safety is utilized on a wide range of emergency response vehicles and equipment including ambulances, fire trucks, police cars, and airport crash rescue equipment.

ZOLL is most commonly associated with advancements in resuscitation and data management software for the Fire Rescue Service but we also have solutions to promote first responder safety.

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