Austin-Travis County EMS

Force Multiplier Patient Care

October 19, 2021 | 1 PM EDT

What if you could keep hundreds of low-acuity patients a week from having to needlessly go to the emergency room? And what if by doing so you could reduce or eliminate the challenge of slow turn-around times, free up much-needed EMS and hospital resources, and help patients get the care they need faster, more affordably, and more efficiently?

Rapid Intervention: Don’t Just Stand There

November 4, 2021 | 1 PM EDT

This Webcast analyzes the current training on rescuing down firefighters from a more proactive viewpoint. Included are tasks that can be accomplished by the rapid intervention team (RIT) to “soften up” not just the structure but also the entire scene so that we can access the structure in a more rapid fashion to rescue the firefighter.

Hoses running from a fire truck

Former Jeannette (PA) Man Returns to Court to Appeal Conviction for House Fire that...

A former Jeannette man serving three consecutive life sentences in connection with the 1993 deaths of his wife and two young children in a house fire appeared Monday in a Westmoreland County courtroom as part of his ongoing appeal.
Oroville car with floods

Record-Breaking Storm Douses Drought-Stricken CA

Across Northern California, crews worked Monday to clear streets of toppled trees and branches and to clean gutters clogged by debris carried by rainwater from a massive storm that caused flooding and rock slides, and knocked out power to hundreds of thousands.

Fire in Fayetteville (NC) Causes Major Damage to Home Converted to Apartments

Investigators are trying to determine what caused a fire early Monday that heavily damaged a home in Haymount that had been converted into apartments.

Man Killed in NJ House Fire Identified

Authorities have identified the person killed in a house fire in East Hanover last week as a 43-year-old man.

NTSB Chair Wants Tesla to Limit Where Autopilot Can Operate

The head of the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board is calling on Tesla to act on recommendations to limit where its Autopilot driver-assist system can operate and to put a system in place to make sure drivers are paying attention.
Firefighters make rescue in Suffolk, Virginia

Suffolk (VA) Firefighters Employ VES in House Fire Rescue

Firefighters made entry and rescued a bedridden civilian, operating in heavy smoke conditions with zero visibility.

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