Firefighter Heart Health in the Age of COVID

January 18, 2022 | 1 PM EST

Firefighters are more vulnerable to not only heart disease, but also to being a vulnerable firefighter that suffers a sudden heart attack while on active duty. Routine testing can miss up to 50% of at-risk firefighters. Many of these risks are also the same risks that place individuals at a higher risk of hospitalization and death from COVID-19. A firefighter-specific, research-based, heart health program is essential to reducing the numbers of Firefighters dying from heart attacks. This webinar will explore the scientific evidence, the testing and commonalities that exist between COVID-19 disease, deaths and heart disease.

Bob Keys

Firefighting Wear Trials – Best Practices and Lessons Learned

January 25, 2022 | 1 PM EST

This webcast will feature "best practices" and "lessons learned" used by various departments – large and small - for PPE wear-trials to better outfit and protect their firefighters.  The panel will feature former FDNY Battalion Chief Bob Keys, who served as Chief in Charge of Research and Development. Chief Keys has been assisting PPE Committees across North America to conduct wear-trials that evaluate a department’s current gear and compares it to new and different NFPA Certified products.  

Massive Nine-Alarm Fire Consumes Multiple Salisbury (MA) Buildings

Firefighters battled a massive nine-alarm fire on Monday morning that consumed a motel on Central Avenue in Salisbury, authorities said.
City of Schenectady Fire Department

Girl Dies After Firefighters Pull Her from Schenectady (NY) Fire

Firefighters found the four-year-old girl and quickly got her to treatment on scene and then on to Ellis Hospital, where she later died.

House Where St. Louis Firefighter Died Had History of Neglect

All indications are the 126-year-old brick home should have been demolished long ago, or at least made it onto the city's demolition list.

Toddler Dies in Detroit Apartment Fire

The child was recovered from the fire, which was confined to two apartments, but was pronounced dead after being transported to the hospital.
Columbia MO Fire Department

Columbia (MO) Firefighters Rescue Two People from Overnight House Fire

The first crew arrived five minutes later and encountered heavy fire conditions from the attached garage of a two-story residence.
Olathe KS firefighter at house fire

Four Hospitalized After Olathe (KS) House Fire

Four people were hospitalized Saturday morning when a home caught fire in Olathe, officials said.

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