Bodies Found of Remaining Two Missing in TX Port Explosion

Corpus Christi explosion
CORRECTS TO PROPANE PIPELINE INSTEAD OF A NATURAL GAS PIPELINE - Coast Guard crews respond to a dredge on fire in the Port of Corpus Christi Ship Channel, Friday, Aug. 21, 2020, in Corpus Christi, Texas. Authorities say several people have been hospitalized after an explosion at the Texas port when a dredging vessel hit a propane gas pipeline in the water. (U.S. Coast Guard via AP)

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas (AP) — The bodies of the remaining two crew members of a dredging boat who were missing after an explosion last week in the Port of Corpus Christi in Texas were found Monday, the U.S. Coast Guard said.

Four people died following the explosion that happened Friday morning when the vessel struck a submerged propane pipeline. The bodies of two crew members were recovered Saturday.

The Coast Guard said that all missing crew members of the Waymon L Boyd are now accounted for.

The Port of Corpus Christi had previously said the pipeline was carrying natural gas, but said Monday it was carrying propane.

An official with the Texas General Land Office said over the weekend that the vessel carried a maximum of 6,000 gallons of diesel fuel.

The Coast Guard said the cause of the incident is under investigation.

The fire onboard the vessel was first extinguished Friday afternoon, but sparked again and was finally put out at approximately 10 p.m. Friday, shortly before the vessel broke apart and sunk, the Coast Guard said.

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