CA Firefighters Aid in Saving 13-Year-Old Girl from Leaping Off Bridge

According to a report from KTVU, a group of officers and firefighters in Sunnyvale, California, are being lauded for saving a 13-year-old girl who was threatening to jump off a pedestrian bridge on December 31 at around 1:15 a.m.

First responders rushed to the bridge over the Lawrence Expressway near Highway 101 after the girl notified 911. Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety (SDPS) officers said the girl climbed the bridge’s fence and was standing on the edge of the walkway.

Crisis negotiation officers were attempting to talk the girl down when she let go of the bridge’s railing with one of her hands. Officers grabbed her arms as she dangled above the expressway. 

A SDPS officer worked quickly to further secure the girl with a rescue rope. SDPS firefighters from Station 6 arrived first, followed by a ladder truck from Station 2.

Lt. Juan Galazzo said he placed one of his patrol officers in a bucket, and bucket operators successfully raised it as the officer grabbed the girl.

The girl was brought down to a waiting ambulance and transported to a local hospital for treatment and placed with resources available to those having issues with mental health.


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