CO Fire Chiefs Want Six-Month Ban on Open Fire

Wildland firefighters cut a firebreak in Colorado
In this file photo from 2012, Tech Sgt. Jason Linta, Bobby Garza, and Dean Prestia cut lines to create a firebreak to prevent fires from jumping June 28, Air Force Academy, Colorado. Sergeant is a firefighter assigned to the AFA and Garza and Prestia are firefighters assigned to Buckley Air Force Base. The Waldo Canyon fire has destroyed over 18,000 acres in the Colorado Springs area. Photo by Christopher Boitz/U.S. Air Force

Colorado’s fire chiefs have asked the Governor to ban all open fires statewide for a period of six months, reports The Journal.

The request also included a condition that local jurisdictions could still allow some “critical ag burns,” such as a rancher needing to burn and clear ditches before water is released.

While counties and municipalities can enforce fire restrictions, only the governor has the authority to shut down agricultural burns.

The ask is due to the risk of a controlled fire turning into a larger fire that would require a large-scale emergency response, putting firefighters and first responders at risk of contracting the coronavirus.


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