Coronavirus Cases Rise Among Firefighters, Responders

Firefighter advancing a hoseline

Last week, during the first full week of the declared coronavirus pandemic, there were many reports of firefighters and responders around North America being diagnosed with COVID-19 or being quarantined. Now there have been additional reports surfacing of responders affected.

On Monday, March 23, the first diagnosed case of COVID-19 was reported among the ranks of the San Diego (CA) Fire-Rescue Department. Dozens of firefighters and police offers in the city were quarantined. Meanwhile, four Orange County Fire Authority employees were diagnosed with the virus.

The D.C. fire department had many instances of members in quarantine, with reports of the assistant fire chief and at least seven firefighters testing positive for the novel coronavirus.

FFN: D.C. Fire and EMS Assistant Chief Tests Positive for COVID-19

On Tuesday, the Montreal fire department announced that a firefighter in Westmount had contracted the virus, and a Brunswick firefighter had also tested positive, with two other employees in self-quarantine.

A fire recruit and full-time Worcester (MA) firefighter tested positive for COVID-19, and a Brookline fire station was closed after one firefighter tested positive. Two Billerica firefighters were also among those diagnosed in the state of Massachusetts.

A Dallas firefighter tested positive, and more than two dozen members were being quarantined, according to Dallas Fire-Rescue.

And among other cases reported around the country, the Fire Department of New York reported that there were 46 firefighters who had been infected.


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