Detroit Firefighters Face Departmental Charges in Photo Case

Detroit Fire Department apparatus

News reports say 13 Detroit firefighters are facing departmental charges after a photo was taken at a recent fire in an abandoned home.

The photo that surfaced on New Year’s Day featured them posing in front of a burning house, FOX 2 reported. The members will reportedly be charged with exhibiting ignorance of the rules or orders, and four sergeants who were involved have also been charged with failure to supervise or take the appropriate action.

FOX 2 reports that the picture was posted on social media on New Year’s Eve and featured the firefighters posing in front of a burning home on South Green Street in Detroit. The firefighters were operating defensively at the time of the fire.

Detroit Firefighters Who Posed At Burning House to Be Disciplined

Investigation After Detroit Firefighters Pose for Photo at Building Fire

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