FDNY Crews Rescue Three Children from Bronx Fire

Fire scene at 783 Burke Avenue in the Bronx
Photo courtesy the FDNY.

Fire Department of New York (FDNY) firefighters rescued three children from an all-hands fire in the Bronx early Monday, September 28, 2020.

During the fire at 783 Burke Avenue, Ladder 32 got into the building and started searching the second floor, according to FDNY Deputy Assistant Chief Joseph Ferrante. Engine 62 immediately began stretching lines to start the suppression by getting water on the fire. The Ladder 32 inside team found three children in one of the bedrooms; the patients were removed and transferred to EMS, where they were then transported. All three are in critical but stable condition, the FDNY said on its social media accounts.

“My irons man Firefighter Matthew Boney forced the door. Heavy fire met us there. At that point my can man, Firefighter Mario DePalma, and I went down the hallway to the back,” said FDNY Captain Daniel McEnroe . “Firefighter Boney started to make the search from the door. Firefighter Boney and I met in the second bedroom where we saw the three kids on the bed. We called it in, and Firefighter Boney grabbed the two and went, and I grabbed the third and followed him out. There was a ton of fire, a ton of heat, and a lot of smoke. Everyone here did a great job. It makes me proud to be involved.”

“We had EMS members from Station 20, Station 27, and our Special Operations Command who received the children after they were rescued from the building,” FDNY Deputy Assistant Chief Paul Miano said. “Their efforts continued throughout their transport to the hospital in which they were able to resuscitate all three children. An incident like this just highlights the coordinated effort between the fire and EMS personal. It also highlights the ability of the men and women of Emergency Medical Services and how the fight doesn’t just end in the building, it continues all the way to the hospital.


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