Man Sentenced to Repay Millions in OR Marijuana Lab Blast

Firefighters on a hoseline

MEDFORD, Ore. (AP) — A man has been sentenced to nearly three years in prison and ordered to repay millions of dollars for his role in a marijuana lab explosion that caused a wildfire in which a firefighter got hurt.

The Mail Tribune reports 24-year-old Michael Cashmareck was sentenced in Jackson County Circuit Court this week after pleading guilty to arson and assault charges in connection with the East Evans fire in August 2019.


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He was ordered to pay nearly $4 million in restitution for causing an explosion near Rogue River that quickly became a wildfire that prompted mandatory evacuations in the neighborhood. Cashmareck had been making butane honey oil, a concentrated marijuana extract.

The fire was contained within a day. One firefighter working in difficult terrain at night was flown to a hospital with serious injuries.

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