Philadelphia Firefighters Union Votes to Uphold Endorsement of President Trump

(IAFF Local 22)

Over 1,400 vote in favor of the endorsement

FOX 29 Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (FOX 29 Philadelphia) – The Philadelphia firefighters union voted overwhelmingly to not rescind its endorsement of President Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

The American Arbitration Association, which represents the International Association of Firefighters Local 22, sent ballots to its members two weeks ago asking if the firefighters union should revoke its support of the Trump administration.

The ballots, which were tallied on Thursday, found more than 1,400 union members were in favor of upholding the endorsement, while 782 members voted to cancel public support of the president.

Hangout Discussion: Firefighters and Unions

The Trump campaign has been backed by several local and national unions that represent first responders. Most notably, the Fraternal Order of Police and its estimated 335,000 members endorsed the president in September.

The National Association of Police Organizations which represents more than 241,000 sworn law enforcement officers also threw its support behind the president. Other backers include the International Union of Police Associations, the New York City Police Benevolent Association, and the Florida Police Benevolent Association.


Philly Firefighters Getting Do-over for Controversial Trump Endorsement

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