Sherbrooke (Quebec) Woman’s Burned Body Mistaken for Mannequin, Thrown in Dumpster

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Police in Sherbrooke (Quebec) are investigating an incident during which first responders threw a woman’s burned body in a dumpster after mistaking it for a mannequin, reports

Police officials say the body was initially believed to be a silicone dummy that had caught fire near a wooded area on the morning of July 23. Police and fire officials decided it was best to dispose of the mannequin by putting it into an inaccessible-to-the-public dumpster behind the police station.

Four hours later a man reported the disappearance of his partner, and police tracked her cell phone and found her vehicle near the scene of the fire. The woman’s description matched that of the alleged mannequin.

Police decided to check the dumpster at 6:30 p.m. and discovered the mannequin was indeed the missing woman.

The coroner’s office, Crown, and independent bureau of investigators (BEI) are all looking into the situation, the report said, adding that police are investigating is as a suspicious death.

Fire officials are investigating.

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