Streator (IL) Firefighters Pull Victims from Deadly House Fire

Firefighters in the Illinois city of Streator responded early Sunday to a fire that claimed the lives of two people, according to a press release from department.

The Streator Fire Department was dispatched to 1013 East Wilson Street at 2:27 a.m. on early Sunday morning, November 24, 2019. Streator firefighters arrived on scene in less than two minutes and found the single-story home filled with heavy smoke. Firefighters began rescue operations, with two members immediately entered the home through a window. They were able to remove 1 victim from a bedroom. Two additional firefighters entered the home and found and removed another victim from another bedroom. CPR was immediately started on both victims with help from Streator police officers and paramedics from Advanced Medical Transport.

Both victims succumbed to their injuries. Firefighters ultimately adopted a defensive posture, extinguishing the fire after four or five hours.


VEIS: Flow Path and Victim Rescue

High-Target Areas for the Residential Primary Search

VEIS: The Entry Firefighter

VEIS: The Basic Fundamentals

A total of 13Streator firefighters worked to extinguish the fire, with assistance by six Grand Ridge firefighters and four Ottawa firefighters. Reading Fire Protection District was available to respond to other calls within Streator city limits.

There were apparently no smoke alarms in the home, the report noted, and the home sustained significant damage. Other adjacent homes were also damaged.

WMBD News/YouTube

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