Two Men Hurt, Home Destroyed in Suburban Detroit Explosion

Commerce Township Fire Department apparatus
Photo courtesy Commerce Township (MI) Fire Department

COMMERCE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) — A house exploded early Thursday in suburban Detroit, a blast so loud and powerful that it injured two men and triggered car alarms in the neighborhood.

Firefighters found at least six butane tanks at the home in Oakland County’s Commerce Township, Fire Chief Jim Dundas said.

“Butane is a very flammable, potentially explosive gas, and it lends itself to the idea that they could have been processing marijuana,” Dundas said.

The house was destroyed. Dundas said the entire fire department was called out to extinguish the fire.

A man in his 20s was in serious condition at a hospital, the county sheriff’s office said. Another man in his 20s had minor injuries.

Tony Lempert, who lives five doors away, said he was rocked off his couch.

“The guy they brought out on a stretcher had a yellow down jacket on, torn to shreds. … It’s mind-blowing to think that this was so close,” Lempert said of possible drug production. “We had no idea.”


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