Yonkers (NY) Firefighters Rescue Girl Pinned Beneath Vehicle

Stabilizer in use with extrication tool to keep car raised

Fire instructor Paul DeBartolomeo relayed a positive outcome for Yonkers (NY) firefighters responding to a recent vehicle incident.

On July 21, 2020, young girl who was riding her bike was struck and pinned beneath a vehicle. Crews were able to quickly extricate her using hydraulic extrication tools in conjunction with the TL-9 Stabilizer, a piece of equipment the department recently placed in service for these types of incidents. The 10-year-old girl was rescued and sustained only minor injuries, according to the Yonkers Uniformed Fire Officers Association’s Facebook page.

The device seen supporting the hydraulic spreader is the TL-9 Stabilizer from T & J Rescue Enterprises LLC. It was specifically designed for this application to enhance speed and efficiency while maintaining stabilization of the tool throughout the operation.

Another angle of the stabilizer in use
Shot showing the car raised


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