November 4, 2019
View Online | 11.1.19

In This Issue: CA Fire Evacuations Lifted, Face Piece Donning, Dash Push Video…

Help us honor the extraordinary actions of members of the profession by nominating a deserving recipient for the 2020 Ray Downey Courage & Valor Award, which will be presented at next year’s FDIC International.

Frank Ricci, David Polikoff, and Nick Papa host today’s Politics and Tactics Health podcast. Sponsored by MSA.—Pete Prochilo, Online Content Manager

Dying Winds Bring Relief After Weeks of CA Wildfires

Tornado Confirmed as Source of Halloween Night Damage in NJ

Fire at Historic 117-Year-Old Pocono (PA) Manor

IL Girl Reunites with Firefighters Who Rescued Her

Reports Look at Rise of Private Firefighters

Three Dead, Several Others Injured in Lansing (MI) Fire

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