Apparatus Walk Around

More than a walkaround, the editor or representative of FA&EE travels to the location of the delivery, the dealership, or the factory and walks around with a representative from the receiving fire department and/or manufacturer to talk about the truck and operate the truck. This is “straight talk” about the rig. The local dealer is invited to join the video shoot as they will have more details about the apparatus and why it was specifically built for the fire department.

Why a delivery video?
Those that read static new delivery releases always crave more. They desire
much more than the typical front-driver-side image you typically see with
this type of review. A photo and some specs are only a portion of the overall
picture. Why did the department spec this truck in this fashion? What
problems does this rig solve? How do certain features actually function?
Video tells this missing part of the story.


  • FA&EE editor onsite to produce the video.
  • Posted to FA&EE website and includes embedded delivery video
    • Sponsor/Manufacturer Logo w/URL
    • Dealership Logo w/URL
    • Manufacturer Bio
    • Additional images taken during video shoot
  • Weekly ENews 4x after initial release
  • Social Media posting and boosting
  • Customer receives final video for their own marketing efforts

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