Reveal Ad

Reveal Ad

The Reveal Ad is a premium product only for use within one week blocks twice a month. Because it is prime real estate we intend this product to run less frequently to make more of an impact. The unit appears at the top of the desktop and mobile and creates the appearance of the site sliding over the advert when scrolling. This desktop ad runs only on home page commanding a full 1/3 of the screen. On mobile it runs on several pages that are coded to take it. The dynamic visual of this ad is identical on desktop and mobile.

Desktop Specs Needed: 1900 x 600 pixel png, jpg, gif, HTML5 + click thru URL

Mobile Specs Needed: 300 x 100 pixel png, jpg, gif, HTML5 + click thru URL

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Fire Engineering, Fire Apparatus and Emergency Equipment, Firefighter Nation, JEMS