Photos: LAFD Crews Control Brush Fire Threatening Structures

A firefighter strides past a burning pile of debris
Firefighter hauls a charged hoseline between structures

Fire photographer Rick McClure shared some photos of firefighters working to control a brush fire last week in the Sylmar section that threatened buildings.

At 7:47 p.m. on January 19, 2021, the City of Los Angeles (CA) Fire Department (LAFD) responded to a reported brush fire. Firefighters located a fire centered around a nursery/equestrian area with 25 mph winds carrying the ember cast across the freeway towards a residential area.

Just over two hours later, LAFD firefighters stopped all forward progress, successfully protecting the apartment/condos from damage.

A firefighter pulls a hoseline toward massive flames
Flames in the background as firefighter flakes out a line
Flames engulf a pile of debris
A firefighter strides past a burning pile of debris
Firefighter with hoseline over his shoulder putting water on fire
City of Los Angeles firefighter with a hoseline and flames
Firefighter flakes out a hoseline with flames in the background
Firefighter trains a hoseline inside a structure
Firefighters with hose putting water on flames
Fire burns on the ground
Two firefighters train hoseline on burning object


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