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Dave Emanuel

Podcast: The Future Firefighter: Dave Emanuel

Host Chris Baker and guest Dave Emanuel discuss grounding, values, and organizational culture in the fire service.
Larry Conley

Podcast: The Larry Conley Show: Robin Witherspoon

Host Larry Conley and company talk with guest Robin Witherspoon about her husband Marvin's life and the impact of his lack of self care.
Dr. Beth Murphy

Podcast: Firefighter Behavioral Health

Dr. Beth Murphy and company discuss independent medical assessments about firefighter psychological health and more.
Doug Cline

Podcast: Fire and Training: Allen Baldwin

Host Doug Cline talks with guest Allen Baldwin about integrating a firefighter's family with the fire department family.
Danny Sheridan

Podcast: First-Due Battalion Chief: PTSD

Danny Sheridan talks with guests Andy Starnes, Brett Snow, Sue Ferran, and Nancy Carbone about PTSD and how to help struggling firefighters.
Fire Engineering podcasts

Podcast: In Their Own Words: Ty Wheeler

Host Joe Pronesti talks with guest Ty Wheeler about his recent FirefighterNation article on leadership and building your crew.

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