Podcast: F.O.O.L.S. Radio

Robbie Fisher and company discuss the cancellation of the 2021 FOOLS Convention, Regional Representative positions, and the Muddy River FOOLS.

The Command Post

The Larry Conley Show

First-Due Battalion Chief

Sons of the Flag

Fireground Strategies

The Mikey G. and Mikey D. Show

Politics and Tactics

Fire and Training

Networking for Success

Chaplain's Corner

Scenes of Violence

Chris Naum on Type III Construction Part 3

Podcast: BuildingsonFire: Taking It to the Streets: Type III Construction, Part 3

Chris Naum and company talk building construction in part three of a four-part series on "brick 'n joist" Type III construction.

Podcast: Generation Engine: Sean Duffy

Todd Edwards and Anthony Rowett talk engine company operations and more with Sean Duffy.

Podcast: Fireground Strategies (and Other Stuff from the Streets)

Anthony Avillo and Jim Duffy reflect on the legacy of the 9/11 attacks and discuss other topics in the fire service.

Podcast: Tailboard Talk: Communications Across Generations

Craig Nelson, Jeff Wallin, and Chris Rasmussen talk about methods that may improve communications across the different generational members that make up your department. 
Brad Pinsky, Chip Comstock, Curt Varone, and John K. Murphy

Podcast: Fire Service Court: Vaccine Mandates

Firefighters and attorneys Brad Pinsky and John K. Murphy address the issue of COVID-19 vaccine mandates, fire departments, and the law.

Podcast: Fire and Training with Doug Cline: Mike Wallingford

Host Doug Cline speaks with guest Mike Wallingford, fire captain with the Jeffersontown (KY) Fire Protection District, about construction site emergencies.

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