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Podcast: Fire and Training with Doug Cline: Mike Wallingford

Host Doug Cline speaks with guest Mike Wallingford, fire captain with the Jeffersontown (KY) Fire Protection District, about construction site emergencies.
Fire Captain Chris Ruano

Podcast: The Future Firefighter: Chris Ruano

Chris Baker speaks with Chris Ruano about how the firefighter candidate prepares for the fire academy mentally, physically, and emotionally.
Rick Lasky and John Salka

Podcast: The Command Post: Getting to the Second Floor

Hosts Rick Lasky and John Salka discuss considerations when advancing an attack line to the second floor or when attempting the second-floor search.
Main Street Firefighting

Podcast: Main Street Firefighting: Brian Bastinelli

Hosts Chris Tobin and Lex Shady interview Battalion Chief Brian Bastinelli from the Harrisburg (PA) Bureau of Fire. 

Podcast: In Their Own Words: Steve Sulcov

Host Joe Pronesti talks with Steve Sulcov about his recent FirefighterNation article on being a young volunteer fire officer.
Politics and Tactics

Podcast: Politics and Tactics

David Polikoff and Nick Papa speak with guest Leigh Shapiro about simple fireground management techniques, critical thinking and officer development, and more.

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