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Main Street Firefighting

Podcast: Main Street Firefighting: Shawn Donovan

Chris Tobin and Lex Shady talk with Shawn Donovan of Boston Fire about a variety of topics related to legacy buildings.
Sons of the Flag

Podcast: Sons of the Flag: Captain Scott O’Grady

Members of Sons of the Flag speak with Air Force Captain Scott O’Grady, who is known for having survived six days behind enemy lines.
Nate Larkin

Podcast: Networking for Success: Nate Larkin

Host Dave McGlynn talks with Lieutenant Nate Larkin from Fairfax County (VA) Fire Rescue about the need for good training and leaders.
Brad Pinsky, Chip Comstock, Curt Varone, and John K. Murphy

Podcast: Fire Service Court

The panel of firefighter-attorneys—Chip Comstock, John K. Murphy, Brad Pinsky, and Curt Varone—looks at emerging legal issues facing fire departments
Danny Sheridan

Podcast: The First-Due Battalion Chief: Exterior Streams

Danny Sheridan is joined by Frank Leeb and Chuck Downey from the FDNY and Boston's Steve Schaffer and Tom Burke to talk exterior streams.
Anthony Avillo and Jim Duffy

Podcast: Fireground Strategies: Drone Technology

Anthony Avillo and Jim Duffy talk UAVs in the fire service with Lieutenant Fred Carlson of the FDNY Command Tactical Unit.

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