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The Larry Conley Show

First-Due Battalion Chief

Sons of the Flag

Fireground Strategies

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Scenes of Violence

Tailboard Talk podcast

Podcast: Tailboard Talk: The Firefighter 3 Project

Jeff Wallin and Craig Nelson welcome guests Matt Hennessy, Andrew Beck and Ben Willey to discuss the Firefighter 3 Project.
Brad Pinsky, Chip Comstock, Curt Varone, and John K. Murphy

Podcast: Fire Service Court

In this episode, Chip Comstock, John K. Murphy, and Brad Pinsky consider issues relating to privacy and speech issues in the fire station.
Ian Emmons

Podcast: The Future Firefighter: Ian Emmons

Chris Baker and guest Deputy Chief Ian Emmons of the Washington Township (OH) Fire Department discuss the value of mentorship.
Back Step Boys Tom Aurnhammer and Ron Kanterman

Podcast: The Back Step Boys

Ron Kanterman and Tom Aurnhammer discuss current goings-on in the fire service, leadership, and more.
FE podcast sponsored by UniMac

Podcast: Networking for Success: Steve Prziborowski

Host Dave McGlynn interviews Steve Prziborowski, author of the recent book 101 Tips to Ace Your Promotional Exam.
FE podcast sponsored by UniMac

Podcast: Scenes of Violence: Billy Goldfeder

Host Steve Hamilton talks with special guest Billy Goldfeder of Firefighter Close Calls/The Secret List.

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