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Guido Calcagno

Podcast: In Their Own Words: Guido Calcagno

Joe Pronesti talks with Guido Calcagno about high-rise firefighting and his recent article on high-rise stairwells.
Rick Lasky and John Salka

Podcast: The Command Post: Your Fire Service Idols

Rick Lasky and John Salka ask: If you had the chance to go back and work with one of your fire service idols, who would it be?
Women in Fire

Podcast: Women in Fire: Diversity in the Fire Service

Members of Women in Fire discuss the value of diversity in the fire service.
A.J. Rowett, Todd Edwards, and Joe Ficarelli

Podcast: Generation Engine: Chris Coons

Todd Edwards, Joe Ficarelli, and Anthony Rowett speak with Chris Coons, chief of the Johns Creek (GA) Fire Department.
Politics and Tactics

Podcast: Politics and Tactics

Frank Ricci, David Polikoff, and Sam Villani discuss the issue of teachers during the pandemic and letting firefighters make decisions so they can develop.
Tailboard Talk podcast

Podcast: Tailboard Talk: The Firefighter 3 Project

Jeff Wallin and Craig Nelson welcome guests Matt Hennessy, Andrew Beck and Ben Willey to discuss the Firefighter 3 Project.

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