Podcast: The Professional Volunteer Fire Department: Volunteer Firefighter Training

Tom Merrill

Tonight’s show will focus on training in the volunteer fire service. Not only is an extremely important topic, but there are many different ideas that have been employed in the volunteer firehouse to try and not just try and make our volunteer members better firefighters, but to entice them to attend the training drills as well. In addition, training rookie members can be difficult as they are often thrown into the mix with more experienced, senior members and may not get the special attention they need. Host Tom Merrill talks with Robert Callahan, who has almost 40 years in the fire service. He is also the author of the recent article featured in Fire Engineering magazine , “Three Options for Training Rookie Volunteer Members.” Tom will be reviewing that article and talking in-depth with Callahan about not only training our rookie members,  but putting a well rounded training program together that benefits ALL members.

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Podcast: The Professional Volunteer Fire Department

Podcast: The Professional Volunteer Fire Department

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