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In the months that have passed since Sandy made landfall in the New York-New Jersey area last October, rebuilding efforts have been taking place but there is still much to be done to bring residents, fire departments, and municipalities anywhere near the "normalcy" they had known before Sandy.
Firefighter Training

Late in the evening of October 28, 2012, Hurricane Sandy struck the coast of New Jersey with a ferocity the likes of which had never been seen before and, I hope, will never be seen again.
Apparatus & Equipment

Throughout its history, the "Jersey Shore" has endured many of the northeastern United States' worst floods, tropical storms, nor'easters, snowstorms, and other natural disasters.
Fire EMS

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)/Department of Homeland Security played a lead federal role in the immediate emergency response to Hurricane Sandy, providing urban search and rescue (US&R) and humanitarian support to state and local governments and the people most acutely affected by this disaster.