Kirk McKinzie

Captain (Ret.), Cosumnes (CA) Fire Dept

Captain Kirk McKinzie (Ret. – Cosumnes Fire Dept.), 911-GO concept developer is a 31 year fire service veteran who now serves as a subject matter expert and adjunct instructor in the field of Next-Gen SMART first response and community risk reduction. Published collaborations include advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL), the National Institute of Standards and Technology Virtual Reality Grant recipient and immersive virtual training in 360 degrees. He functions as a SME, advisor, speaker and author to government, enterprise, academia, start-ups and operators. His focus is on SMART city design, emergency response interoperability, fire/explosion investigation, venture capital, standards and codes. His areas of expertise includes, remote sensing, bio-metrics, artificial intelligence, IOT, computational fluid dynamics, holographic light display, haptic feedback, 3D+ Virtual/Mixed/Augmented Reality, spatial computing and related lifesaving technological solutions. His equity interest is life-the goal is to save one.

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