Michael Reick

Michael Reick started voluntary fire department duties early age and continued to join all volunteer training courses until he was 29 years old. After high school, I studied civil engineering, University of Stuttgart/Germany. I received a scholarship & studied 1 year at the University of Calgary/Canada. I did some research about “connections between steel to concrete in fire” which was also the topic of my PhD Thesis. After leading a fire research laboratory at the University of Stuttgart for two years and performing about 200 fire tests on construction products I was elected as a regional fire chief and switched to a professional fire service position. I now work structural fire safety on one side, supervising the fire departments which leads dispatched to 40 calls a year. My team & I are responsible for all the fire fighters training courses for the dispatching centre & the emergency and disaster management.

I still do some research, experiments lectures & conferences at University of Applied Sciences & at the State Fire Academy. I hold several positions in firefighting organizations, Baden-Württemberg & on a national level.In 2004 I stayed about a half year at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch as visiting academic and did multiple FDS calculations about positive pressure ventilation. My aim was to prevent smoke movement into stairways to keep people and fire fighters safe by controlling the smoke flow in buildings. One big answer I got from all that theoretical work was that we should be able to keep the upper half of the door closed! Regarding thermodynamic principles this is very helpful to prevent smoke spread in case of a fire and to control the fire itself. My aim was also to reduce the turbulence and mixing caused by bi-directional flows (cold air going in low and hot smoke leaving through the upper part of the door). Many real fire tests have been performed in the last 10 years about this concept and it is now a standard procedure in many fire departments worldwide.

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