Tim Frazier, Ph.D.

Faculty Director, Degrees in Emergency & Disaster Management

Dr. Frazier holds a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Geography from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and a Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Geography from the Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Frazier’s doctoral degree specialization is in Human/Environment Interaction focusing on research concerning differential vulnerability and resilience of marginalized populations to climate change and natural hazards. 

His research uses GIS-based climate modeling, spatial analysis, and other quantitative geospatial approaches to determine global and environmental change stressors and then qualitative methodologies (primarily stakeholder engagement) to explore the impacts of these stressors on risk, societal vulnerability, community resilience and adaptation, primarily from a socioeconomic perspective. Much of Dr. Frazier’s research focuses on developing science that serves to impact decision-making in local communities through stakeholder engagement.

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