Key Fire Hose

To obtain the highest levels of performance in the multitude of environments that firefighters encounter, modern day hose and nozzle offerings must be properly matched to create a viable water delivery system. So, how will you make the attack? How will you get the “wet” stuff on the “red” stuff? It’s not a surround-and-drown, you must make an advance. Will the supply line provide a dependable flow of water? Will your attack line be reliable and maneuverable to complete a successful attack? Quality, dependability and reliability. This Is Key

Key Fire Hose is the industry leader in the design and manufacture of woven jacketed and rubber covered fire hose. We are dedicated to delivering fire departments the highest quality fire hose, combining the best in raw materials with expert craftsmanship. Striving to become the “best hose company in the world,” we’ve grown from our original 16 looms to reach triple-digit loom capacity with multiple facilities proudly based and manufacturing in the U.S.A. Celebrating 30 years of service — Key Fire Hose.

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