Phenix Technology, Inc.

Phenix Technology, Inc. was founded in September of 1972 by veteran firefighters Ronny Coleman, a former Chief of the San Clemente Fire Department, and Ray Russell, a former Assistant Chief of the California State Fire Training Division, with the goal of making safe helmets that were well-balanced, lightweight, comfortable, ergonomic, long-lasting, and could be used for any first responder needs. Now operating for over 45 years, Phenix Technology, Inc. has accumulated a wealth of design knowledge and is a recognized manufacturer of high quality professional fire helmets built to OSHA and NFPA industry standards. 

With three different helmet models, Phenix has something for everyone. Their traditional leather helmet, known as the Phenix TL-2, is the lightest NFPA compliant leather helmet on the market and offers a variety of customizable options that you won’t find anywhere else. Their traditional composite helmet, or the Phenix TC-1, mirrors the style and comfort of their TL-2 at a more affordable price. Finally, their famous First Due thermoplastic helmet brings together style, durability, and comfort for the firefighter seeking a more contemporary style.

No piece of equipment is more symbolic of firefighter than a fire helmet. Phenix understands how personal and unique every firefighter’s helmet is. They recognize that your helmet is your most important piece of equipment and work tirelessly to ensure that they provide only the best. Because nothing is more important to Phenix than you and your safety.

To learn more or to purchase your own helmet, please visit us at our website:

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