For more than 20 years, RescueAir has been known around the world as the innovator and the leader in firefighter air replenishment systems (FARS) technology.

A FARS is a building-installed standpipe for air that delivers a safe, reliable, constant supply of breathing air when and where firefighters need it most — inside a structure and closer to the seat of a fire. Firefighters can refill their air bottles in less than a minute at filling stations located throughout a building and can use an SCBA quick-connect feature to make ground air management achievable in complex structures such as mid- and high-rise buildings, as well as in tunnels and large horizontal structures like “big box” retail stores, hospitals, warehouses and manufacturing plants. FARS eliminates the need for a bottle brigade of firefighters who manually transport full air canisters to fire attack crews and carry empty canisters out of the building for refilling. It is a faster, safer and more reliable method of providing life-saving air to fire crews.

FARS are now required in more than 80 jurisdictions around the country and are installed in more than 400 buildings.

After a 2-year vetting process, FARS was added to the 2015 edition of the ICC International Fire Code under Appendix L.

The company’s mission is to build a legacy of safety. RescueAir advances that mission through its technology, its products and services, and its support of organizations such as the Fire Smoke Coalition, the Firefighter Cancer Support Network, the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, the International Association of Fire Chiefs, the International Association of Fire Firefighters and many others.

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